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3D Sculpture

Access code required


Here is the course outline:

1. Getting Started

2. Orthographic Planes

3. Alpha Settings and Transparency

4. X-Ray

5. Blocking Out the Leg

6. Adding the Mirror Modifier

7. Defining the Back of the Neck

8. Creating the Feet

9. Creating the Head I

10. Creating the Head II

11. Creating the Hands I

12. Creating the Hands II

13. Creating the Arms

14. Creating the Toes

15. Eyes and Teeth

16. Final Base Mesh (Ready for Sculpt)

17. The Multiresolution Modifier

18. Setting Up the Sculpt Menu

19. Laying Down Clay Strips

20. Refining the Sculpt

21. Sculpting Details

22. Duplicate Mesh, Create Low and High Variation

23. Spaced (Relax) Vertices and Tight Mesh Areas

24. Texture Projections

25. Projection Snaps and Retopo

26. Final Practical

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