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Location Based Games with Mapbox

Access code required


Here is the course outline:

1. Drenches of War

22 Lessons: (1) Intro to Mapbox and Drenches of War (2) Project Setup and Mapbox Installation (3) Creating and Applying Mapbox Studio Styles (4) Mapbox Image and Terrain Factory (5) Launching Water Balloon Projectiles (6) Setting up the UI and GameManager (7) Enemy Tanks (8) Debug Land and Paintballs (9) The Tank Factory (10) The SpawnOnMap Script (11) Points of Interest (12) Adding Sound Effects (13) Adding Scripts to Mapbox Vectors (14) Collision Cleanup (15) Improving Performance with Filters (16) Prepping for Deployment (17) Building the Project (18) Post-Build Cleanup (19) Building with Shaders (20) Project Wrap-up and Challenge (21) Randomizing Mapbox Location (22) Building for Android

2. PocketDroids GO

29 Lessons: (1) Promo (2) What is Mapbox? (3) Setting up the Project (4) Styling the Map with Mapbox Studio (5) Setting up our Map (6) Setting up the Game Manager and UI (7) Putting the Player on the Map (8) Creating the Droid Class (9) Singletons and the Droid Factory (10) Capture Scene Prep (11) The Game Manager (12) Improving the UI Controller (13) Intro to Vector Tile Factories (14) The XP Bonus Prefab (15) Points of Interest & Game Object Modifiers (16) Adding Audio to the World Scene (17) Building the Capture Scene (18) Creating the Override Orb Object (19) Setting Up the Override Orb Script (20) Intro to Platform Dependent Compilation (21) Throwing the Orb (22) Handling Orb Collisions (23) Override Orb Respawn and Limitations (24) Building the Capture Scene UI (25) Controlling the Capture Scene UI (26) Transitioning Between Scenes (27) Some Housekeeping Tasks (28) Saving & Loading Player Data (29) Project Wrap Up and Student Challenges

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