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Blender Game Modeling and Animation

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Here is the course outline:

1. Intro to Blender and Krita

9 Lessons: (1) Course Overview (2) Speed Painting Textures (3) Blender Setup (4) Basic 3d Concepts (5) Basics of Painting (6) Alternative Concept Art with Inkscape (7) Intro to Krita for Prop Concept Art (8) Design Elements and Principles (9) Scenery Setup and Pot Modeling

2. Prop Modeling

15 Lessons: (1) Finishing Up the Pot Modeling (2) Modeling the Chest and Sword (3) Modeling the Crossbow (4) Finishing the Crossbow and Creating the Wand (5) Modeling the Environment Assets (6) Unwrapping in Krita I (7) Unwrapping in Krita II (8) Creating Materials and Applying Textures (9) Painting Custom Textures with Krita (10) Applying Custom Textures Using Blender Paint (11) Applying Textures Using Various Methods (12) Texturing the Pillar (13) Time Lapse Using Brush Strokes and Operations (14) Time Lapse Final Styling Touches to the Wand (15) Using Overlays and Adding Colors

3. Character Modeling & Animation

15 Lessons: (1) Intro to Modeling the Character (2) Modeling the Boots (3) Modeling the Character (4) Modeling Arms and Hands (5) Modeling the Armor (6) Skull & Helmet I (7) Skull & Helmet II (8) Unwrapping and Adding Color (9) Blocking Out Colors with Blender Paint (10) Styling with Blender's Paint Mode (11) Refining Character Textures (Time Lapse) (12) Preparing the Character for Animation (13) Setting up Weights and Adding Mesh (14) Animating the Character (15) Setting up FPS Animations

4. Bringing it Into Unity

2 Lessons: (1) Importing Assets into Unity (2) Portal Effects

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