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Balls of Glory (How to Make a 3d Breakout Game)

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Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction

Length: 23m 15s

2. Asset Creation I

Length: 53m 19s

3. Asset Creation II

Length: 1h 00m

4. Asset Creation III

Length: 49m 02s

5. Asset Creation IV

Length: 1h 22m

6. Building the Haunted Ruins I

Length: 50m 26s

7. Building the Haunted Ruins II

Length: 1h 23m

8. Building the Haunted Ruins III

Length: 1h 43m

9. Adding Thunder and Lightning

Length: 1h 44m

10. The Timer System

Length: 1h 19m

11. The Controller

Length: 36m 21s

12. The Ball System I

Length: 47m 52s

13. The Ball System II

Length: 50m 59s

14. The Ball System III

Length: 36m 05s

15. The Ball System IV

Length: 1h 17m

16. The Destructible Item Class I

Length: 47m 48s

17. The Destructible Item Class II

Length: 52m 00s

18. The Destructible Item Class III

Length: 30m 17s

19. The Dynamic Wall

Length: 53m 33s

20. The Shielded Destructible Item Class

Length: 25m 52s

21. The Bomb Brick

Length: 32m 34s

22. The Barrier Part I

Length: 35m 13s

23. The Barrier Part II

Length: 51m 21s

24. Bonus Balls

Length: 14m 43s

25. Big Balls

Length: 10m 43s

26. Wrecking Balls

Length: 32m 06s

27. The Wall Stopper

Length: 23m 19s

28. The Speed Ball

Length: 22m 43s

29. The Shrinking Paddle

Length: 10m 01s

30. The GUIEffect Class

Length: 36m 52s

31. The Brick Matching System

Length: 1h 03m

32. The End Level Sequence

Length: 28m 18s

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