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Balls of Glory (How to Make a 3d Breakout Game)

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Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction

2. Asset Creation I

3. Asset Creation II

4. Asset Creation III

5. Asset Creation IV

6. Building the Haunted Ruins I

7. Building the Haunted Ruins II

8. Building the Haunted Ruins III

9. Adding Thunder and Lightning

10. The Timer System

11. The Controller

12. The Ball System I

13. The Ball System II

14. The Ball System III

15. The Ball System IV

16. The Destructible Item Class I

17. The Destructible Item Class II

18. The Destructible Item Class III

19. The Dynamic Wall

20. The Shielded Destructible Item Class

21. The Bomb Brick

22. The Barrier Part I

23. The Barrier Part II

24. Bonus Balls

25. Big Balls

26. Wrecking Balls

27. The Wall Stopper

28. The Speed Ball

29. The Shrinking Paddle

30. The GUIEffect Class

31. The Brick Matching System

32. The End Level Sequence

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