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Unreal Engine 4 Development

Access code required


Here is the course outline:

1. Getting Started

2 Lessons: (1) Installing Unreal Engine (2) Building Your First Game

2. Intro to Unreal Level Editor

10 Lessons: (1) Editor Overview (2) Editor Mode (3) Blocking Area (4) Creating Edges and Stairs (5) Simple Materials (6) Rounded Walls (7) More Edges (8) Preparing our Bridge (9) Creating our Bridge (10) Extruding Objects

3. Intro to Materials

(1)Creating a Material (2)Setting Textures (3)Working with Metallic (4)Tint and Multiply (5)Texture Coordinates (6)Instance Materials I - Plastic (7)Instance Materials II - Emission (8)Blueprint I (9)Blueprint II

4. D2D Game - Controls & Characters

21 Lessons: (1)Project Creation and Setup (2)Camera Setup (3)Game Mode (4)Input Setup (5)Movement Setup (6)Rotation Setup (7)Camera Forward Rotation (8)Animation Blendspace (9)Animation Blueprint (10)Adding the Weapon (11)Laser Beam Particle Emitter (12)Adding the Laser to the Gun (13)Bullets and Raycasting (14)Weapon Muzzleflash (15)Implementing Audio (16)Spawn Bullet Effect at Impact (17)Enemy AI (18)Enemy Animation - Boolean Blends (19)Player Health and Interfaces (20)Events Raycasting Pawns (21)Ragdoll Physics

5. D2D Game - Game Design Logic

14 Lessons: (1)Project Creation (2)Greyboxing the Level (3)Technical Overview (4)Mobile Optimization and LOD (5)Weapon Pickup (6)No Weapon Animation (7)Physics Constraints (8)Level Blueprints (9)Chaining Events (10)Terminal and Intro to UMG (11)Showing UI by Event (12)Opening Doors (13)Moving Objects Distance Checking (14)Health Bars

6. Dark City - Mobile Game Development

17 Lessons: (1)Project Creation (2)Mobile Input Movement (3)Touch Controls (4)Enhanced Touch Look (5)Flashlight Model (6)Creating Texture Masks (7)Flashlight Blueprint (8)Spawn Flashlight (9)Rotating Flashlight with Look (10)Flashlight Cone Effect (11)Creating Battery UI (12)Outline Post Process (13)Battery Pickup (14)Enemy Character Setup (15)Enemy AI Setup (16)Behavior Tree Movement (17)Animating Enemy Movement

7. UE4 Specific Topics

7 Lessons: (1)Moving Actors (2)RPG Point and Click (3)Easy RPG Characters (4)Mini-FPS (5)Progress Bars (6)Mobile Baked Lighting (7)First C++ Game

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