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Game Design and Development

Unity Certified Professional Programmer Exam Preparation

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This is an official Unity authorized live workshop that prepares students for the Unity Certified Professional Programmer examination.

The workshop is led by a Unity Certified Instructor and will span 30+ hours of live online instruction covering all of the topics that students will need to understand for success on the UCP examination. 

Participants will receive a Lifetime Premium Membership to Game Institute, which includes access to the Dead Earth Lifetime Membership as well as access to over 50 other courses covering programming, art and design, and more.

[Tuition Fee: $699.00]

Due to the live nature of the workshop, limited seats, and the fact that the experience spans multiple days, it is important to coordinate your registration with us in advance. Please contact us via the link above so that we can let you know the schedule, payment, and registration options available. 

NOTE: Due to very high demand and limited class sizes, we currently anticipate the next available registration slots will open in Q1 2022. Seats are first-come, first-served, so be sure to leave your contact info with us via the 'Contact us' link above. 



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